JEFFREY ROSSMAN, being exposed on the internet, as a sissy faggot from CONNECTICUT


My real name is Jeffrey Rossman and I am a sissy from Connecticut who loves shaving my legs and wearing panties. I have noticeable breasts and my nipples respond when they are touched. People who know me in the real world have always thought of me as a man, not knowing underneath my male clothing,  I would be wearing panties and pantyhose and my legs were shaved soft and smooth. They don`t know I no longer even have pubic hair and that my body is soft and smooth all over and I keep it that way. I have even found myself drawn more and more to men. My first experience with a man was to find out really if I found myself attracted to men. And I was. To make a long story short, I found out I was and he proved himself quite the man. I know I may risk humiliation if people discover the truth about me but I can`t deny the joys I feel dressing and being and feeling all female, and all the more when I am with a man. I love wearing feminine things even though people who know me have no idea of the real me. I fear being exposed but I have to be honest. I love being feminine. And I love when men kiss me and I feel them getting hard.

JEFFREY ROSSMAN exposed as a sissy faggot from CONNECTICUT wearing a bra and panty

Originally posted on Thoughts on exposing Jeffrey Rossman, a Connecticut sissy queer, to my family and friends:

I have been told that not only must I publicly admit I am a sissy and be seen in bra and panty but that my real name, JEFFREY ROSSMAN, and location must be shown so that my fear of being recognized as a sissy queer will be increased as my picture is reblogged and posted all over the internet. I admit I enjoy shaving my legs and wearing panties and bras,and that I find myself attracted more to men but I have always kept this to myself. No one was ever to know my feminine side. But now, I have to make this knowledge public and face the possible humiliation of people who know me learning the truth about me. I now always wear panties and I keep my legs hairless, soft and smooth. I admit I enjoy being with and pleasing men but I very much fear being recognized…

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Jeffrey Rossman exposed as a sissy faggot from Connecticut

People who know me in the real world have no idea of the secret I have always kept hidden. That i shave my legs, have developed noticeable breasts, and that I prefer being a sissy who wears panties, bras, pantyhose, stockings and everything from little girl dresses to skirts and blouses. I have also found I am more attracted to the qualities men offer.  When people who look at this picture think is that who I think it, there will no longer be any doubt. I am Jeffrey Rossman, and I am a sissy queer. I love stroking a man`s penis for him and seeing it get hard as I put my mouth around it. There is something to be said having a man`s cock in my mouth just before he climaxes. It is a wonderful feeling both to me as a sissy and to the man who has just enjoyed doing what real men enjoy most.

Sissy Jeffrey Rossman exposed wearing a blue leotard and admits he has a thing for men

My real name is Jeffrey Rossman and I am from Connecticut. Online, I am known as sissyleah43, sissyleah4366, or sissyleahrossman. I am a sissy although people who know me have no idea that I shave my legs, wear panties, pantyhose, have noticeable breasts, wear bras, skirts, blouses and high heels.
In this picture, I am wearing a blue leotard and you can also see how I have developed my breasts. People who know me have absolutely no idea I enjoy being feminine. I like not only looking at men but I get excited when I see a man getting hard. I admit I enjoy the attention I get from men, that I find myself preferring men to women and that I enjoy having a man`s hard penis in my mouth for his pleasure. People who might know me will see this picture and there will be no uncertainty who I am because I also posted my real name to leave no doubt. No one who knows me in the real world has any idea I am really an effeminate sissy. I am to be exposed all over the web so people will know how much a sissy I really am as I wear pantyhose, skirts, dresses and heels. Not only that but I keep my lingerie, bras, panties, blouses, and pantyhose in a dresser drawer with potpourri and that I have skirts, ladies jeans, dresses and shoes from flats to high heels. I know I am going to risk being humiliated because people who know me always thought I was a man but now if I am googled, they will see the truth about me, that I prefer being an effeminate sissy who likes being a girl and who gets excited being with and pleasing good looking men. I just don`t know how I will react if ever someone I know comes up to me and says he or she just learned I am a sissy queer and that I like men.

Sissy Jeffrey Rossman on wanting to become a sissy wife


I know though many people who know me think I am a man, I really am not. I want to be a girl. I shave my legs, wear panties, pantyhose, bras, skirts, jewelry, high heels. I even like wearing nail polish. But no one who knows me has any idea of the real me. But the truth of the matter is that I love being and feeling feminine and even more looking feminine.  A lot of men have seen my pictures online and they tell me how much they appreciate them, many of them getting hard looking at me.  That makes me feel really warm inside, knowing I am able to make a man happy and hard. Recently, I had the opportunity of modeling a wedding gown and, truth to tell, I was so giddy wearing it, I almost felt an urge to kiss the photographer. I guess people need to know I am a really a sissy and that men really do excite me and bring out the girl in me and I love nothing more than showing a man how much a man he really is. Somehow the idea of becoming a sissy wife has great appeal to me, although I have no idea what my friends or family would think were they to know the truth about me.

Sissy Jeffrey Rossman reveals his secret he has kept hidden: He likes being a girl and kissing men


For the longest time, I have always kept to myself a secret known only to me. That I enjoyed feeling more like a girl. People who would see me at work or elsewhere would never know underneath my male attire, I was wearing panties, that I shaved my legs soft and smooth and would also wear pantyhose.  Now I keep my chest and all my body free of hair and I am fortunate in that now I can wear a bra without inserts because I have developed enough fatty tissue that I can fill a bra easily now and I have noticeable boobs when I am not wearing a shirt or blouse. But merely looking and feeling like a girl was not enough. I had to prove to myself that to be a girl, I had to feel and respond as one. And I did when I met my first man. We had been having long time online chats. He told me my pics would make him hard and would I ever like to meet and he said I could see for myself how a girl would feel kissing a man and making him hard.  Well, I agreed. He got us a room and we met. I went there first to get changed and put make up on and then I called him to come up. And when we met, he gave me a peck on the cheek and we talked for a while on the edge of the bed when he suddenly put his arms around me and kissed me on my mouth. He pressed himself upon me and I could feel him getting hard. And I actually found I was responding to him kissing him back and feeling his erection. When he got undressed, I saw his hard penis pointed at me and yes, I took him in my mouth and sucked and licked it. He kept his hands on the back of my head as I sucked him and felt him throbbing. Then a little while later, he reared back and I felt his cum pouring into my mouth.  My heart was pounding. I couldn`t believe I was actually doing this, much less enjoying it.  To make a long story short, he took a shower and asked me if I would like to do it again….I blushed and said yes.  Now I find chatting with men and looking at cocks is far more exciting to me than I would ever have believed.  And people who know me still have no idea of the sissy I really have become.

I am Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut publicly admitting I like being a sissy and that men excite me


I admit I am a sissy and that my real name is Jeffrey Rossman and people who know me have no idea how much I want to be feminine. I shave my legs, no longer have any pubic hair, I wear panties, bras, pantyhose, stockings, garter belts, lingerie, skirts and high heels.  I like being with men and seeing a man naked excites me no end.  At home, I will take perfumed bubble baths, do my nails, and make certain my legs and body are smooth and soft. I have felt more like a woman over the years, and when I shave my legs, and wear feminine things, it reinforces my femininity and makes me yearn to be in a man`s arms and letting him know just how much a man he really is and for him to know how much a sissy queer I am and want to be.  Feel free to reblog or post this picture all over the internet so people will know I am hardly the man they think I am but, at heart, all the woman a man wants me to be. I admit I am very nervous because no one who knows me is aware I am really a sissy and that I have been intimate with men.  I have been told to add my real name, Jeffrey Rossman, so that people looking at my picture will have no doubt who it is and that I will  have to face the humiliation by people who know me but never knew the secret I`ve always kept to myself. Until now. I fear how I will respond if or when I am recognized by someone I know and then he or she tells others about me.

Sissy Jeffrey Rossman admits he is a sissy and that he loves letting men know they are men

 I admit I love dressing as a girl.  No one in the real world who knows me is aware of my little secret. Keeping my legs shaved and wearing panties, pantyhose, bras, sweaters, skirts and heels and wearing makeup makes me feel oh, so feminine.  I remember the first time I was with a man. I agreed to meet him after a long time doing online chats. I wanted to convince myself I really did have feelings for men. To make a long story short, I met him and I found kissing a man was very exciting, particularly when he was naked and I stroked his hard penis and he had me take him in my mouth.  He kept his hands on the back of my head and when he came, it was the first time I had ever tasted cum and he said he loved what I did for him.  Now, I know what men are like and this only makes me feel ever more a sissy and knowing what I can to make him happy and hard is all I, as a sissy, can ask for. Now, if people reblog my picture, people all over will see me and I admit I am afraid of people I know recognizing me and seeing me with my real name, Jeffrey Rossman, posted but I can`t deny the thrill I have being a girl and being with a man.  And, after all, isn`t that what a sissy does? A sissy enjoys herself for what she is and, more importantly, for what she does for men. Feel free to spread my picture all over the internet.

Sissy Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut seen wearing a pink little girl dress


hPKnub1401998698Though people who know me as Jeffrey Rossman think I am a man, in reality, I prefer being more soft and feminine and I really think men are nice to have around. No one who knows me is aware I prefer being an effeminate sissy. Here, you can see me in a pink little sissy dress, under which I am wearing a white bikini panty and white pantyhose. I always keep my legs shaved, wear panties and I now have noticeable breasts which can easily fill a bra without having to use inserts. People who know me would be shocked, to say the least, if they ever learned that not only do I prefer wearing panties, pantyhose, skirts, bras, blouses, lingerie and heels but I also find myself more and more attracted to men. Being feminine certainly does bring men to my attention and I certainly enjoy chatting with them online. And I will admit there is something to be said when kissing a man and feeling him as he is getting hard down there.
I wonder, though, how I will respond if ever the time comes when someone I know learns the truth about me and it becomes more and more public. Still, I can`t deny I love feeling girly and shaving my legs, wearing panties, pantyhose, my bras, skirts and high heels and I LOVE to be with a naked man seeing him getting hard and having me on my knees for him knowing what I will be doing for him….

This sissy is Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut. People who know him have no idea what he is really like.


My online name is sissyleah43, although my real name is Jeffrey Rossman.  And I live in Connecticut.  People who know me have always

seen me as a man because I kept my real secret from everyone who has ever known me in the real world. Now I am admitting my secret. I shave my legs, wear panties, pantyhose, skirts, and high heels. I even have developed my breasts to the extent I can wear a bra without inserts. I no longer have pubic hair and I admitting I am a sissy, that I like being and feeling feminine and I am attracted to men.  I am very nervous revealing my secret. Posting my real name and telling people about myself is certainly not going to help matters any particularly if this picture should be reblogged or reposted across the internet. But I can`t deny the truth of the situation. I love taking perfumed bubble baths, shaving my legs, and putting polish on my nails.  I enjoy feeling feminine and all the more so when I am with a man. I can`t begin to describe how excited I become when I start to feel a man`s hardness pressing against me or when his hands begin to caress my breasts ( My nipples certainly respond!) I love reading women`s magazines and I very much enjoy chatting with men and learning they get excited and hard looking at my pictures. Suffice it to say, I love looking at naked men and all the more so when I am with a man in real life and I can feel him getting hard and excited before he takes his pants off and he shows me just how much a man he really is.  That, in turn, makes me feel all the more the sissy he deserves.



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