Sissy Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut exposed in a skirt, sweater, stockings and high heels admitting he likes men

Though people who know me in the real world think of me as a man, in reality, I want so much to be a girl. I know I am facing awful consequences when or if someone I know comes up to me and asks me, “Jeff, I just learned you shave your legs, you wear panties and pantyhose and that you like guys. What are you, a sissy queer now?”Still, I can`t deny my feminine yearnings. Though I fear being exposed, I know that it`s only a matter of time before it happens and I am recognized. People can look at this picture and wonder is that who I think it is but now that my real name is added for increased exposure, it removes all doubt. Not many real men actually shave their legs,shop for panties, or pantyhose, bras, skirts, high heels, perfume, etc but then again, I do not admit to being any sort of man. I love reading women`s magazines, doing my nails and I very much enjoy chatting online with men and it delights me to hear that men get excited and hard looking at my pictures. Suffice it to say, I love looking at naked men and all the more so when I am with a man and I can feel him getting hard and  excited before he takes his pants off and then shows me just how much a man he really is. And, of course, I will do my part to please him totally.


About sissyleah43

I am JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT wearing a short blue skirt, white sweater and holding a bouquet of roses in my profile picture I am admitting that I am a submissive sissy faggot who shaves his legs, wears panties, bras, pantyhose, skirts and heels. I would like people where I live in Connecticut and the surrounding area to know I am really a panty wearing sissy faggot who shaves his legs, has noticeable breasts with nipples that get hard, and that I have even gotten rid of my pubic hair, and l love to shop for bras, panties, pantyhose, even feminine hygiene products. I have always kept secret the fact I am a sissy who likes dressing as a girl in lace and ruffles or that I love being with boys and that I enjoy French kissing them. People who know me in the real world have no idea what I really am much less that I have always been attracted to boys. Now I want everyone know the truth about me. Jeffrey Rossman is, in fact, a sissy queer who has always preferred boys.

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