Jeffrey Rossman wants to be exposed and have people know him as a sissy


My online name is sissyleah43, although my real name is Jeffrey Rossman.  And I live in Connecticut.  People who know me have always seen me as a man because I kept my real secret from everyone who has ever known my in the real world. Now I am admitting my secret. I shave my legs, wear panties, pantyhose, skirts, and high heels. My breasts are now sufficiently developed so I can wear a bra without the need for inserts. I no longer have pubic hair and I am admitting I am a sissy, that I like being and feeling feminine and I am attracted to men.

Jeffrey Rossman is a sissy proving and admitting he enjoys sucking men`s penises


Though people who know me have no idea I like shaving my legs or wearing panties or pantyhose, etc, what really frightens me should it be found out is that I like men. I had been chatting online with a man for a long time and he and I felt comfortable with each other and, after a while, we agreed to meet. I wanted to meet him because I wanted to find out if I really was a sissy, and not just someone who liked to dress up as a girl. I agreed to meet him and he got us a local hotel room. I went there first and found the key he secreted for us, put on my panties, bra, pantyhose, skirt, high heels and a low cut sweater I then did my makeup and put on a wig and then I called him on his cell phone and within minutes, I heard a knock on the door. I let him in and found him to be rather attractive. He took my hand and gave me a peck on the cheek. After we chatted for a while he sat me on the edge of the bed and then we kissed and I found I was enjoying it! I put my hand on his lap and moved it over his crotch and found him getting hard. He had me pull his zipper down and I could feel his hard penis through his underwear. He stood up and removed his pants and shirt and he stepped out of his underwear and he was naked and hard before me. He had me down on my knees and he put his hands behind my head and thrust his penis into my mouth. I found I was enjoying this, particularly as I felt his penis throbbing and then, without warning, he reared back and he came into my mouth, filling my mouth with his warm cum. And, truth to tell, he so enjoyed it, he took a shower,dried himself off and asked if we could do it again. And we lay on the bed,hugging and kissing each other, and I could feel him pressing urgently against me. I went down to the end of the bed and proceeded to suck him, slowly, up and down, teasing his penis until he could no longer stand it, and once again, he spurted into my mouth. I think then I realized I was, indeed, a sissy. I found that being with a man was more exciting than I could believe. Now, I am wondering if I am actually gay. It was one thing sucking that man`s penis to see if I liked it but since I found it exciting and I want to do it again.