Sissy JEFFREY ROSSMAN from Connecticut on being outed and wanting to be a sissy faggot bride


I am Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut and I admit I am a sissy faggot modeling a wedding gown I wore at a photo shoot and thinking of being a man`s wife. Truth to tell, I admit being a sissy and I love being a girl and I want so much to become a man`s wife and be all the sissy faggot he wants me to be. I so enjoyed wearing this wedding gown, I felt like I wanted to kiss the photographer taking this picture. I keep my legs shaved and I can amply fill a bra. I always wear panties and pantyhose. I enjoy wearing nail polish and using perfume. People who know me have no idea I am not only a sissy who adores men but that I like pleasing them and letting them know how masculine they are.  But now with this picture, people will know I want someday to be a bride and become a man`s wife and that I am really a sissy faggot who wants to be exposed so everyone will know the real me.