JEFFREY ROSSMAN, being exposed on the internet, as a sissy faggot from CONNECTICUT


My real name is Jeffrey Rossman and I am a sissy from Connecticut who loves shaving my legs and wearing panties. I have noticeable breasts and my nipples respond when they are touched. People who know me in the real world have always thought of me as a man, not knowing underneath my male clothing,  I would be wearing panties and pantyhose and my legs were shaved soft and smooth. They don`t know I no longer even have pubic hair and that my body is soft and smooth all over and I keep it that way. I have even found myself drawn more and more to men. My first experience with a man was to find out really if I found myself attracted to men. And I was. To make a long story short, I found out I was and he proved himself quite the man. I know I may risk humiliation if people discover the truth about me but I can`t deny the joys I feel dressing and being and feeling all female, and all the more when I am with a man. I love wearing feminine things even though people who know me have no idea of the real me. I fear being exposed but I have to be honest. I love being feminine. And I love when men kiss me and I feel them getting hard.

JEFFREY ROSSMAN exposed as a sissy faggot from CONNECTICUT wearing a bra and panty

I have been told that not only must I publicly admit I am a sissy and be seen in bra and panty but that my real name, JEFFREY ROSSMAN, location and website must be shown so that my fear of being recognized as a sissy queer will be increased as my picture is reblogged and posted all over the internet. I am nervous people accessing my website, learning more about me and posting pictures where I will have no control over who sees them. I admit I enjoy shaving my legs and wearing panties and bras,and that I find myself attracted more to men but I have always kept this to myself. No one was ever to know my feminine side. But now, I have to make this knowledge public and face the possible humiliation of people who know me learning the truth about me. I now always wear panties and I keep my legs hairless, soft and smooth. I admit I enjoy being with and pleasing men but I very much fear being recognized for what I really am.