JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT admitting he is a sissy faggot and that he ADORES men

My real name is Jeffrey Rossman and I live in Connecticut. People who know me in the real world have no idea what I rally am. I have always felt feminine. I recall when I used to date girls, my eyes would always wander and I would find myself looking at guys and thinking I wonder how it would feel to be with a boy. It took me a long while to come to grips with my feelings but the time came when I finally shaved my legs and used a depilatory to rid myself of my body hair and I wound up amazed looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a smooth, soft hairless body.  I went out and bought bras, skirts, pantyhose, panties, lingerie, high heels, etc and I remember with some fondness the looks the saleswomen at the various department stores gave me as I would make my purchases. Online, I started looking for men to chat with. And eventually, I found a man with whom we shared feelings and we agreed to meet. I wanted to prove to myself my feeling for boys, or should I say men, was real. So we met and to make a long story short, I found out that, yes, indeed, I enjoyed kissing him and being kissed. I felt his penis getting hard as I touched him and he got undressed and I saw him naked and he made me take his penis into my mouth but then decided he wanted to cum inside me and I let him and it was a wonderful feeling having a man deep inside me and feeling him throbbing just before he came. I realized then that men would always be more exciting to me. I have since had pictures taken of me and to make my exposure even more exciting, I have added my real name to increase my fear of being recognized. I realize now, of course, a sissy has no rights and it is only appropriate a sissy like me should be exposed to maximize his fear of being recognized and humiliated by those who know me.