JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT exposed as a sissy faggot


This sissy faggot in a short skirt  and fishnet pantyhose is Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut. Jeffrey is admitting he always shaves his legs, wears bras and panties and that people who know him have no idea he is a faggot and he is asking to be exposed so he can fear being recognized by people who know him but never knew he was actually a sissy faggot. Jeffrey is also admitting he has sucked men`s cocks, that he has made them cum on him, and that he enjoys the taste of warm cum in his mouth.

JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT wants to be exposed as a sissy faggot

dbrrwm1450719450I am Jeffrey Rossman and I am a sissy faggot from Connecticut. My online IDs include sissyleah43 and sissyleahrossman. People who know me, such as my family and friends, have no idea what I really am, much less that I really do love boys and that I have been intimate with them, letting them know they are really men. Nothing excites me more than seeing a man naked with an erect penis pointed in my direction, as he knows I will either have my mouth around his manhood or have him deep inside me as I feel him thrusting his hard cock before he rears back and cums and I feel his warmth dripping down my legs. I am nervous admitting all this as people who know me have no idea I am not the man they think I am but a sissy faggot who loves nothing more than being a girl, wearing perfume and nail polish, dressing in feminine clothing and being with strong, good looking guys. I need to be exposed so I can face the shame and humiliation of my family and friends finding out the truth about me. Feel free to out me wherever you wish.

JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT being exposed as a panty wearing sissy faggot


This sissy faggot in a bra and panty is Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut and he is asking to be exposed so people who know him will learn he shaves his legs, wears panties and bras, prefers men, and that he is, in fact, a sissy faggot.

I am Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut and I am being made to admit I am a sissy faggot and that my online IDs include sissyleah43 and sissyleahrossman.¬† I like to shave my legs, wear panties and bras, pantyhose, and high heels and that I am very much attracted to men. I have a website, where people can access pictures of me which show how much a sissy faggot I really am. What scares me in doing this is that people who know me in the real world have no idea of the real me, much less that I enjoy being with men when they have large erections and that I enjoy having a man`s cock in my mouth….and even elsewhere.