This is JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT exposed as a sissy faggot


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JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT coming out to admit he is a gay sissy faggot

stjd-1480611379p8c4lMy real name is JEFFREY ROSSMAN and I live in CONNECTICUT. Online, I am known as either sissyleah43 or as sissyleahrossman. I have a site where a lot more pics  and more personal information about me as the sissy I am can be found at I am finally admitting to everyone who may know me in the real world that I am a sissy faggot who loves dressing as a girl, have noticeable breasts and that I shave my legs in the bath, wear nail polish, use mascara and eye shadow, and that I enjoy shopping for feminine things and seeing the looks on the sales ladies faces as they ring up what I am buying. I am also admitting that I love being with boys and seeing them get hard when they look at me wearing a short skirt and lace bikini panties. I really do enjoy French kissing boys and feeling them between their legs as they get hard knowing they will want me to unzip their pants and do what faggots enjoy most doing. None of my family or friends have any idea of the real me. What a shock it will be when they eventually find out that JEFFREY ROSSMAN from Connecticut is really a sissy faggot.