JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT wants to be exposed as a homosexual sissy faggot


JEFFREY ROSSMAN, who lives in Connecticut, is finally admitting what he has kept in the closet for the longest time  and is asking to be exposed over the internet so that everyone, even those who know him, will see him as he really is, a homosexual sissy faggot who loves boys. He is known online as either sissyleah43 or sissyleahrossman.  Jeffrey shaves his legs, no longer even has pubic hair, has developed noticeable breasts with large nipples, loves wearing panties, bras, pantyhose, skirts and heels. People who know him have no idea he has always enjoyed being with boys while dressed as the sissy faggot he really is. Jeffrey also enjoys shopping for feminine clothing and seeing the knowing looks from the salesladies who see Jeffrey for the sissy they know he really is. Jeffrey has dated boys he has met online and he enjoys when they see him in his short skirt and lacy and frilly panties, Even more, Jeffrey enjoys seeing them get hard as he kisses them and strokes their hard cock before taking it into his mouth to prove what a sissy fag he really is. More personal information about him with pictures is available for your use at

This is JEFFREY ROSSMAN, exposed as a homosexual sissy, from CONNECTICUT showing why he has to sit down to pee


Feel free to expose this Connecticut sissy faggot, Jeffrey Rossman, so people who know him will see why he is a faggot who has to sit down to pee….

JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT is shown being exposed so people who may know him in the real world will see him for what he really is, a panty wearing sissy faggot. Jeffrey wants family, friends, and whoever else may know him to learn he has always been more attracted to boys and that he feels far more natural as a girl. Jeffrey likes to shave his legs, wear panties, bras. pantyhose, skirts and heels and all the more so because, dressing as a girl in short skirts and lace panties gets boys aroused and seeing boys get hard in their underwear gives Jeffrey the thrill of knowing he will touch the boy`s hard penis and take it into his mouth to prove how much he loves boys. Given what he is showing, it`s no wonder women laugh at him and why he has to sit down to pee. Jeffrey is asking to be exposed so he may run the risk of being recognized by people who know him. Check his social profiles at: for more pictures and information that can be used to further expose him.


JEFFREY ROSSMAN from Connecticut exposed as a sissy faggot


My real name is JEFFREY ROSSMAN. I live in CONNECTICUT and I am admitting I am really a sissy faggot who loves to be with boys. I can be googled as either sissyleah43 or sissyleahrossman. My website for more personal and humiliating details can be found at My family and friends have no idea that I have always been attracted to boys. I am very nervous and frightened doing this but I can no longer deny the fact I love being a girl, that I love shaving my legs in the bath, wearing nail polish, putting on makeup, and wearing jewelry. When I get dressed, I enjoy using perfume. My breasts are pretty noticeable and when I put on my bra, they fill the cups nicely. And ever since my first contact with a boy online whom I later met, I now know that I will always want to be with boys, particularly when they are hard and aroused. In this picture, I am wearing a short blue miniskirt, and underneath, a lace bikini panty with sheer nude pantyhose. It`s always easy to see a boy getting excited when he sees me dressed that way. There is something to be said when a boy kisses me and our tongues meet and I realize I have always wanted this, particularly when he presses against me and I can feel him getting hard and I know what he wants me to do. When I take his pants off and he makes me take his swollen cock into my mouth, I just collapse with pleasure as I feel it throbbing and he makes me take all his cum into my mouth and down my throat. Now everyone will know that Jeffrey Rossman is a sissy faggot from Connecticut who loves being a girl and even more being with a man. Please expose me so I cannot escape the fact people I may know learning the truth about me.

JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT being made to expose his sissy faggot ID card

I am being made to expose my sissy ID card publicly so that people who know me will learn the truth about me. I am a faggot and I like to suck men`s cocks and make them cum. No one who knows  me in the real world is aware of this. It is a secret I have kept hidden. Until now. I very much fear people who have known me for a long time realizing I am really a sissy, that I shave my legs, wear panties, bras, pantyhose, skirts, etc and that I enjoy the attention I get from men. A sissy needs exposure whether she wants it or not. And I realize I  have to be exposed to face the consequences of what I really am.

I am Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut publicly admitting I like being a sissy and that men excite me


I admit I am a sissy and that my real name is Jeffrey Rossman and people who know me have no idea how much I want to be feminine. I shave my legs, no longer have any pubic hair, I wear panties, bras, pantyhose, stockings, garter belts, lingerie, skirts and high heels.  I like being with men and seeing a man naked excites me no end.  At home, I will take perfumed bubble baths, do my nails, and make certain my legs and body are smooth and soft. I have felt more like a woman over the years, and when I shave my legs, and wear feminine things, it reinforces my femininity and makes me yearn to be in a man`s arms and letting him know just how much a man he really is and for him to know how much a sissy queer I am and want to be.  Feel free to reblog or post this picture all over the internet so people will know I am hardly the man they think I am but, at heart, all the woman a man wants me to be. I admit I am very nervous because no one who knows me is aware I am really a sissy and that I have been intimate with men.  I have been told to add my real name, Jeffrey Rossman, so that people looking at my picture will have no doubt who it is and that I will  have to face the humiliation by people who know me but never knew the secret I`ve always kept to myself. Until now. I fear how I will respond if or when I am recognized by someone I know and then he or she tells others about me.

Sissy Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut exposed in a skirt, sweater, stockings and high heels admitting he likes men

Though people who know me in the real world think of me as a man, in reality, I want so much to be a girl. I know I am facing awful consequences when or if someone I know comes up to me and asks me, “Jeff, I just learned you shave your legs, you wear panties and pantyhose and that you like guys. What are you, a sissy queer now?”Still, I can`t deny my feminine yearnings. Though I fear being exposed, I know that it`s only a matter of time before it happens and I am recognized. People can look at this picture and wonder is that who I think it is but now that my real name is added for increased exposure, it removes all doubt. Not many real men actually shave their legs,shop for panties, or pantyhose, bras, skirts, high heels, perfume, etc but then again, I do not admit to being any sort of man. I love reading women`s magazines, doing my nails and I very much enjoy chatting online with men and it delights me to hear that men get excited and hard looking at my pictures. Suffice it to say, I love looking at naked men and all the more so when I am with a man and I can feel him getting hard and  excited before he takes his pants off and then shows me just how much a man he really is. And, of course, I will do my part to please him totally.