Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut admitting he is a homosexual sissy faggot


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JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT exposing his sissy faggot ID card


JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT, who can be googled as either sissyleah43 or sissyleahrossman, is admitting he is a sissy faggot who has always loved and been attracted to boys. He admits kissing boys and feeling them getting hard excites him. People who know him have no idea what Jeffrey is and has always been. Now it will become public knowledge and Jeffrey will have to deal with it. Jeffrey has always enjoyed dressing as a girl, shaving his legs,developing his breasts, etc and he enjoys dressing provocatively to get the boys aroused. Now his being a sissy faggot will become public knowledge and he will have to deal with family and friends finding out what he is and always will be, a sissy faggot who enjoys being with boys.