JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT exposed as a little girl sissy faggot queer


JEFFREY ROSSMAN exposed  sissy faggot

This is Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut who is really a sissy queer and who enjoys dressing as a little girl in lace and ruffles. He is seen here carrying a parasol. People who know him have no idea he shaves his legs, wears lace panties and matching bras, and loves teasing boys. Jeffrey needs exposure far and wide so he cannot escape or deny that he loves boys and is really a sissy homo faggot.

JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT is a sissy faggot to be exposed over the internet


Feel free to expose this picture of Jeffrey all over the internet so he cannot avoid being recognized for the sissy homo faggot he really is.

JEFFREY ROSSMAN who lives in CONNECTICUT is asking to being exposed over the internet in a bra and panty so everyone will see him for the homosexual sissy faggot he really is. His family and friends have no idea Jeffrey shaves his legs and has always wanted to be a girl. Jeffrey always wears panties and pantyhose under his boy clothes and loves wearing lace panties and short skirts when he is with  a boy and loves to be with boys particularly when they are naked and hard because he knows what will be expected of him. He has a website where all his profiles are located and he gives permission to use them as you see fit. It is at Jeffrey fears people learning what he has always been but a sissy faggot has no rights and he wants people to know what he really is. Jeffrey is  homosexual sissy faggot who loves boys. And always has.


JEFFREY ROSSMAN, sissy faggot from Connecticut, revealing what he really wants…


I am JEFFREY ROSSMAN, a sissy faggot from Connecticut, admitting to all who see my picture that I love boys and love having a hard throbbing cock from a well endowed man deep inside me. No one who knows me, not even my family or friends have any idea that I have always been a sissy, that I shave my legs, wear nail polish, use perfume, and I love dressing as desirable girl. But, most of all, I love being with boys and seeing how hard they can be. Having a boy deep inside me makes me feel all the more the sissy faggot I know I am. And now I am making this knowledge public so that people who know me will see me as I really am, homosexual, and a sissy. I love being a girl. Now I know why girls love boys…..

JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT exposed as a sissy faggot displaying his large breasts and wearing just a bra and panty


Jeffrey Rossman`s breasts 38C bra

I have always had fatty layers under my breasts but I have been taking phytoestrogen supplements and using progesterone cream at night on my chest and now I have noticeable formed tissue on top of my fatty layers giving me a noticeable shape to my breasts.  I`m a bit embarrassed if I have to go without a shirt or sweatshirt because my breasts look more feminine. No one who knows me is aware I am really a sissy faggot.


tumblr_inline_o7wz125ipu1se629o_400This picture  shows how developed my breasts have become.  Sometimes I have to tape my breasts when I am out in public so they are not so noticeable.  I am wearing a black bra and matching black lace panty.  I like it when boys caress my boobs.


My real name is JEFFREY ROSSMAN and I am  admitting I am a  gay sissy faggot who lives in CONNECTICUT and that I have always loved boys. Men and women who know me in the real world have no idea what I really am. They don`t know I shave my legs, have developed my breasts such that I can wear a bra without inserts and that I have a noticeable cleavage. I no longer even have body hair. I am nervous about posting my website where people who might know me will find this information about me and see how much a sissy faggot I really am but I realize that as a sissy faggot, I have to be honest with myself even if it has costs should I be recognized by people who know me. I now always wear panties and keep my legs shaved. I have been discreet when I meet boys but I must admit getting undressed in front of a boy and seeing him get hard as he sees me in my bra and panty is very exciting to me. Because I know I am going to prove to him what a faggot I really am when I take his hard penis into my mouth or, even better, when he wants to take me from behind so I can feel him throbbing inside me. Please expose me so I can face the consequences of being discovered by people, like family or friends,who know me.

Being publicly exposed as a sissy from Connecticut

My real name is Jeffrey Rossman and I am from Connecticut. This picture shows me not as the man people who know me think I am but as the panty wearing sissy I really am. Not only do I shave my legs, have noticeable breasts, but I always wear panties under my male attire and I also wear pantyhose or, at least, knee-hi hosiery. I have always felt more comfortable being feminine and it is only recently I now feel even  more comfortable with men. I know I am risking humiliation from people who know me but I cannot deny how much I prefer dressing as a girl and being in the company of men.  I fear my picture being exposed but I realize a sissy has no say in the matter. I am also having to add my website to increase my fear of being exposed and recognized. It is at:

Exposing Jeffrey Rossman as a sissy faggot from Connecticut

My real name is Jeffrey Rossman and I am from Connecticut and I am to be exposed across the internet for the sissy I really am. People who know me in the real world have no idea I shave my legs, wear panties, that I wear bras, pantyhose, skirts, lingerie, heels, and even less that I am in love with men, that seeing a man naked makes me want to take him into my mouth and prove to him what  a sissy I really am.  Though I want to be exposed, on the other hand, I have no idea how I will respond if ever I am recognized by people, such as family and friends, who know me but always thought of me as a man. I fear being exposed but I know that a sissy needs to be exposed as widely as possible so that I can face the humiliation sissies deserve when they out themselves like this.

I am Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut publicly admitting I like being a sissy and that men excite me


I admit I am a sissy and that my real name is Jeffrey Rossman and people who know me have no idea how much I want to be feminine. I shave my legs, no longer have any pubic hair, I wear panties, bras, pantyhose, stockings, garter belts, lingerie, skirts and high heels.  I like being with men and seeing a man naked excites me no end.  At home, I will take perfumed bubble baths, do my nails, and make certain my legs and body are smooth and soft. I have felt more like a woman over the years, and when I shave my legs, and wear feminine things, it reinforces my femininity and makes me yearn to be in a man`s arms and letting him know just how much a man he really is and for him to know how much a sissy queer I am and want to be.  Feel free to reblog or post this picture all over the internet so people will know I am hardly the man they think I am but, at heart, all the woman a man wants me to be. I admit I am very nervous because no one who knows me is aware I am really a sissy and that I have been intimate with men.  I have been told to add my real name, Jeffrey Rossman, so that people looking at my picture will have no doubt who it is and that I will  have to face the humiliation by people who know me but never knew the secret I`ve always kept to myself. Until now. I fear how I will respond if or when I am recognized by someone I know and then he or she tells others about me.